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Top Camping Sites in Bali Island

Camping for some tourists brings feelings of adventure. Camping which is combined with spending time with friends and cooking on the camp fire can surely be some of your keenest memories you will have in Bali. Camping constitutes, at its soul, appreciation of nature at its most basic level. Fortunately, Bali and Indonesia are similar. They have some really loose camping laws and you can put your tents up pretty much anywhere without too much disputes. You just need to erect them away from the major villages and roads and no one will come to bother you. Certainly, some camp sites are better than others so that here top places in Bali to camp are discussed.

Nyang Nyang is a favourite place for people who look to escape from the crowds and enjoy the serenity. It is a popular fact that not many people attempt to Nyang Nyang due to the entrance that requires a 20 minute walk down via the cliff side trail. With this hike in as prevention, Nyang Nyang becomes the perfect place to camp and you will find that you have the whole beach to yourself. There are a lot of wood around so that you can make a great camp fire and there is a huge field back from the beach. When the tide is high it is a good idea to camp away from the beach because the water covers almost all the sand and you will get wet easily. It is necessary for you to bring all your supplies because this beach is quite remote and there is no water or food for sale.

Batu Lesung
As a matter of fact, this secret, little known site is a gem in its own right and if you would like a cliff top camping experience, then this is the setting for you. It also constitutes one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset. Thus, with these 2 things combined, it surely makes a great off the beaten trail experience. When darkness of night falls, you can watch the planes fly in from over the ocean and there are a lot of woods about to make a fire of just about any size. Among all the camping sites in Bali, this is one of the most special due to its undiscovered nature and being so near to the major tourist areas.

Gunung Agung is the most well-known volcano on the whole island of Bali. It has 2 camp sites; both of them are located on opposite sides of the mountain. If you come from “Pura Pasar Agung” or “Besakih”, please be ready that the camp site may not be quiet because people who hike past in the night on their way to the top of the mountain. The camping here is excellent, with arguably the best panorama of anywhere on the island. It can get cold at night so that a good mattress and sleeping bag are recommended. Please also prepare a good jacket and if you are strong enough then it is a good idea to carry some fire woods to make a camp fire. This experience can be the difference between an awesome journey and a miserable cold one. The camp sites are located just below the tree lines. If you take “Pasar Agung” or “Besakih” route, then just keep climbing until you find a suitable site. There are a few flat sites so that just pick one that you think is the best for you to camp. If you come from “Kubu”, the camping site is located at about 1,700 meters above sea level on the northern side of the mountain. You have to bring all water and supplies because there is nothing up here. This is a truly adventurous camping experience because not many people camp on the routes. or if you interest just to Hiking please click Mount Agung Trek

Bukit Asah
Bukit Asah which is located in Karangasem regency is cliff side camping at its finest. It is one of the main camping sites in Bali and also one of the easiest ones to access because the road goes right up to the spot. From this site you will have amazing views over to Nusa Penida island and the small islands out at sea. This is also one of the best camp sites in Bali. In this site, firewood can easily be found. Food as well as drinks are just down the road in the village nearby. The campsite is green during rainy season but in the dry season it is just dead straw and dirt but it is still a great place to camp.

Pinggan village
“Desa Pinggan” or Pinggan village is situated just across from the well-known “Gunung Batur” and has some of the most wonderful atmosphere on the island. Arguably the sceneries from here are as good as from Batur. The campsite is situated on a nice grassy area and with amazing views to Batur, Agung, Abang and Rinjani Mountains. It is one of the special places on the island where you can see all these well-known volcanoes. There is a little of a hike to get to the camping site but just ask the local people and they will show you in the right direction. The sunrise from here is one of the best so that make sure you set your alarm earlier and you will be treated to an amazing show of the magnificent sunrise. The small village nearby provides food and other things that you may need.

The camping site in Buyan Lake is situated to the southern side and away from the busy and noisy “Bedugul”. The camping ground has fascinating early morning views over to the hills that surround the lake. On a clear and moonless night, the stars here are really bright and it is one of the best places in Bali to witness the stars due to the lack of light pollution. Please remember that the weather here can get cold. Bedugul has been known for a long time as one of the coldest places throughout Bali and because of that, it is a good idea to pack a good sleeping bag. The camping area here is very green because a lot of rain falls and it is a good idea to make a fire in the cold air. Bedugul has all the supplies you need so that you just stock up before you go. 

Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida island is one of the hidden secrets of Bali province. It is located just an hour boat ride away, but still part of Bali province. Nusa Penida is a real escape from the crowd and a place where you can relax and have the beaches all to yourself. One of the best beaches in Nusa Penida is “Atuh” beach, which is located near Pejukutan village. This beach is situated in a small hamlet which looks out over the rocky bay. It is an excellent place to set camp up and make a fire on the beach. Supplies are available at the village nearby and there are tour operators who offer camping tours so that you may have to share the beach.

Gunung Batukaru
Gunung Batukaru is the second highest mountain in Bali. It has an excellent campsite in its own right. The campsite is located on the very summit of the volcano and has stunning views. There are some trees surrounding the site so there will be some protection from the wind at night. The summit height is more than 2,200 meters so please be ready for some cold temperatures and be prepared for that as well. Please remember to bring all water with you and a good headlamp, too. In the morning you will be treated to witness a beautiful sunrise. You will also be able to see over to Agung mountain, the highest in Bali, and even to Raung mountain in Java.
Gunung Abang
“Gunung Abang” or Mount Abang is one of the easiest ones to climb on the whole Bali island. If you are fast enough you can get to the peak of it in just 90 minutes. The peak of the mountain is home to a holy temple. However, there is enough space up there for about 5 tents. The sceneries are semi obstructed by the trees from here but you still really have wonderful views and even the climb up along the ridge is one that you will not forget in a hurry.

If you are one of adventure seekers, photographers and nature lovers, the above camping sites will surely be your top choice.

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