Things to do during wet season in Bali

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Things to do during raining season in Bali

Like other tropical climates, Bali is also affected by two seasons. The summer season usually occurs in April and October, with the sun shining shining all day. This is the peak season of tourism in Bali, where prices rise and Bali are met by the large number of wisawatan who want to vacation. There are many options activity in this season, namely, surf, swim, sunbathe, and much more.

1. Explore the underwater world

What other activities are more engrossing day wet besides directly berbasah-basahan under the sea? Tanjung Benoa Bali got the solution for you. Try Bali Seawalker, i.e. the activity of walking on the ocean floor by using a helmet that's been attached to pure oxygen. Here you can enjoy views of the ornamental fish and coral reefs at depths of 5 to 7 meters below the sea without having to swim or diving expertise.

2. Watch theatrical performances
The rainy season is certainly not going to disturb you, when Your holiday time one spent with watching theatrical performances. BTDC Complex located at Nusa Dua, Devdan Performances Show is perfect for kids and families because it gives knowledge and introducing the culture of the archipelago from Bali, Java, Borneo, New Guinea and Sumatra.

3. Add Insights at the Museum
Although Bali is being blanketed the sky is cloudy, you still can smile at the sight of a row of dazzling art collection at the museum. There are countless museums in Bali which is already attracting local and foreign tourists to visit. Not only can add insight into the Balinese culture has existed since millions of years ago, in the museum you can enjoy local cuisine and beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see.

3.a Trekking 

Why we also said trekking ?because rain mostly happen in the afternoon in Bali, so trekking to mount batur to see sunrise will be fine, because we start the trek in the early morning. you can visit mount batur sunrise trek for more detail

4. A walk in the Mall
Although the Street outside wet again, but it's certainly not a problem Yes if the streets are at the Mall? Yup, the rainy season is not going to be too troublesome if you are busy washing the eyes in a shaded place which didereti by areal shops. Arguably Bali rainy season it means one thing, that is, a walk to the Mall. Bali has a number of large shopping center with an international collection of classy products, facilities and price variations of the dream can be customized with pockets of everyone.

5. Outdoor Adventure World Indoor Games
Keep having fun with family and friends even though the sky is not cloudy bright kok may just be done. Especially for You are hooked selfi, following places will surely make your vacation more meaningful. Stop by any time to Dream Museum Zone or DMZ at jalan 33x No. Nakula Kuta. Here there are 80 images of three-dimensional works of maestro Korea. You can take pictures along with a variety of paintings showing the illusion-illusion of 3D images.

6. Tour the Famous Culinary in restaurant
It feels less complete streets to Bali without a culinary tour. Bali is a haven for culinary lovers, where a selection of food served can be tailored to Your tastes and pockets. You can choose the restaurant food is processed that Indonesia with traditional spices, or a more Western cuisine is international. No matter what the season, Bali has always had a long list of famous restaurants are ready to shake up your tongue.