Trekking to Sambangan Viillage Bali

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Sambangan Village and Waterfall Trekking Tour

Sambangan Village offers views of rice fields and the protected forest is located on the South side of the village. The topography of the village of Sambangan is quite varied so it is suitable for sightseeing adventure in Bali. In the northern part of the village of tofografinya is relatively flat, while in some places the relatively steep slope with a 40 degree slope. Sambangan Waterfalls is located at 500 meters – 1,020 meters above sea level. While in some areas of the neighboring village, Wanagiri village has an altitude of 1,350 m above sea level. Bali trekking.

The village of Sambangan has a natural landscape that is still natural and very beautiful, very suitable for you who want to enjoy a recreational nature. So many foreign tourists who deliberately come just to enjoy the scenic beauty in the village of Sambangan. The village of Sambangan was chosen as the place for trekking in Bali, due to the village of Sambangan has a natural waterfall and beautiful.

Want to see a waterfall, views of rice fields and forests while on holiday in Bali. Bali trekking tours in the village of Sambangan can be your consideration.

Not just one waterfall, but 7 waterfalls that are the main attraction of tourists doing trekking in the village of Samabangan. 7th the waterfall has a name, which is given by the community surrounding the village. Inside travel trekking, you will see the waterfall below.

List Of Waterfalls In The Village Of Sambangan – Nature Tours Of Bali

Waterfall Shoots
Twin Falls
Kroya, waterfall
Waterfalls and fro-and fro
Canging waterfall
Waterfall Dedari
Evergreen waterfall.

In the village of Sambangan, the farmers have a very good cooperation with each other in managing their paddy fields. The farmers in the village of Sambangan has the Organization in pengelolahan and the Division of water. The Organization was known as the "Water". Subak organisations tasked with dividing the water for rice farmers in the irrigating farmers. The farmers will get part of the water is begilir and evenly for their rice fields.

Trekking in the village Sambangan takes time for 3 hours. The trip will start in "orientation of the Secret Garden." Orientation on the grounds this will take about 30 minutes. Trekking along the journey you will see views of rice fields, various kinds of crops, such as coffee plantations, chocolate, salak Palm trees, jackfruit, bananas.

The break will do in Sari Tops Tibuan contained natural swimming pool and you will be served fresh fruit. Trekking on resume and you'll see waterfalls and fro-and fro. About 1 hours drive you will find waterfalls, waterfall Kroya Twins have 10 metres, the waterfall at the tip which has high 15 metres. In this waterfall you can relax, sliding in the waterfall, swim and take photos for documentation of your Bali nature tourism.

After you enjoy and see four waterfalls, trekking trip will continue on. During the trip you will see the farmers cultivate their rice field soil. After that you will be in between visiting Lovina Beach and eating a buffet-style lunch.